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  • Why Am I So Tired After I Swim?

    We hear this all time and experience ourselves. We can work just as hard and sometimes even longer on dry land and you just don’t get as fatigued as you do when you swim. So why is this?Wanting to know the answer ourselves. We found several reasons, however we are convinced that it is the water 💦... View Post
  • Get Started with Open Water Swimming

    Open water swimming 🏊‍♀️ is definitely more thrilling and physically challenging then pool swimming. However the temperature 🥶 , murkiness and currents 🌊 can frighten the bravest of the brave. CEO and president of Reflect Sports, Laurie Mellott is no stranger to open water swimming. Starting at a... View Post
  • How to prevent chafing while cycling...

    A More Comfortable Ride… I've been off my bike for a few months and I dread getting back in the saddle. For the simple reason; it hurts and it takes a while for the ride to get comfortable. Here are a few tips for a more comfortable ride:   a.)    Seat - your seat is so important to your comfort.... View Post