Level Up Your Mindset

Level Up ⬆️ Your Mindset 🧠⚡️

1. Change Your Self-Talk 🪞 
How you speak 🗣 to yourself is a direct reflection of your mindset. Would you talk to a young child 🧒 the way you talk to yourself? Change your negative self-talk to empowering statements...the same ones you would use on kids...”You got this” or “I can do this” - 👊💪 it works
2. Change your Language 🤲
When you are done fixing your inner thought dialog, 💭 change the way you talk about yourself to other people. Avoid ❌ statements like “I am ALWAYS like this” or “This is the way I AM”. These statement do not allow you to grow. Make it a habit to talk about the things that are going well ❤️ ✅ in your life vs. your problems. This encourages a mindset of abundance instead of dwelling on what you lack.
3. Channel the mindset that you need and act as if 🧠
Pick your goal. Ask yourself “What mindset do people have that are successful at this?” If you have the goal to be healthy & fit, act as if you already HAVE the mindset of a healthy fit person. A healthy person would likely share a mindset “I love ❤️ taking care of my body with healthy foods 🍏🍋🥦🥑 and exercising 🚴🏻‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏃‍♀️”. Adopt this new mindset and trick your brain into adopting and then reinforce with action.

4. Read 📚 and Apply 👩‍🏫 
There are lots of books out there that have been written by mindset 🧠 experts, many offer online courses, events and coaching. @luketyburski has an online “Performance Mindset For Athletes Course. @Tom.Hulsey, IRONMAN has an inspiring book “The Winning Mindset That Saved My Life”
5. Birds 🐦 of a feather 🪶 flock together
Hang out with the people are successful in the goals you want to achieve. When you see their mindsets working, it will be easier to adopt for yourself. Observe their daily habits and how they align with their growth mindset.
6. New Habits 
“Habits are easy to form, so form good ones!” I wrote this quote from @MattWilpers after a @onepeloton ride. Habit research shows it is hard to start a new behavior, but once in motion, the tendency to stay in motion can works for you. if the new behavior is a good one ☝️ Form habits that change mindset and support your thinking with action. Look up mindset shifts for examples.
7. Force yourself to move out of your comfort zone
. When you are in situations that are challenging, you will have the choice to rise to the occasion and upgrade your mindset. Change your environment to train your brain! 🧠